Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Treatment

Operation Room

Evidence-Based PTSD Management.

  • Although it does completely curative, Stellate Ganglion Blocks (SGBs) provide a fast and effective long-term treatment of extreme PTSD in patients.

  • The SGB procedure is an injection around a group of nerves outside the spinal column, done under ultrasonographic and fluoroscopic guidance.

  • In our practice, it is performed by Fellowship-Trained Interventional Pain Anesthesiologists only. This increases the chances of success while minimizing adverse events.

  • In a recent Randomized Controlled Trial, participants underwent an SGB and showed a continued to improve over time, and at months, the stress intensity score showed normal to mild levels of PTSD. Anxiety, depression, and psychological pain also had the same trend.

  • In pain science, we theorize that stress relief occurs due to a change in the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, which act differently from the "fight or flight" reflex. That is the stress system. When we calm down the sympathetic system with this nerve block, the relaxation system takes back control of the stress response. With the SBG, we flip that switch, but flip it in reverse and induce a sudden calming effect.

  • In a typical patient, the greater the stress at the time of the block, the greater the feeling of relief.

  • For patient safety, we follow the  American Society of Anesthesiologists standards for nerve procedures, as well as accessibility to resuscitation equipment, which is vital to the safe performance of SGB by the Legacy Pain anesthesiologist.

Not Only for Wounded Warriors. 

Our SGB program was originally developed in a combined effort between Legacy Pain and The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Center of Excellence to serve their members all over the U.S. with intractable PTSD. Our never-ending constant quality improvement is possible thanks to the feedback provided by members of the firefighter's union.

In addition to first responders, healthcare workers, active and retired military personnel, now we are able to offer this treatment to all patients with severe PTSD. 

Pile of Pills

Reduce Medication Use.

Recover from post-traumatic stress and co-occurring problems such as addiction and chronic pain and help patients return to normal private and professional life. Most patients are able to wean off or minimize the use of multiple medications.