Legacy Spine & Pain Management


  • Under normal circumstances, the biological function of pain is to protect, preserve or prevent tissue damage.

  • Once a syndrome of pain becomes chronic (back pain, nerve injuries, etc), it starts causing interference with normal brain function and can be accentuated by medical interventions (chemotherapy, back surgeries). This leads to the individual's loss of identity and relationships.

  • At the societal level, despite the consensus from the international medical societies that access to pain treatments is a human right, 75% of the global population with chronic pain has no access to pain treatments.

  • Incorrect treatments can have permanent consequences:

    • The pain causes tiredness, fatigue, and can interfere with sleep patterns.

    • Pain can decrease the patient's appetite which can lead to loss of muscle and bone mass. Chronic pain can lead to mood changes resulting in overeating as well.

    • Pain produces a loss of interest or desire to do things and a loss of the ability to enjoy things or feel pleasure (anhedonia).

    • Fighting pain that won't go away results in irritability, mood swings, sadness, dejection, and feelings of worthlessness.

    • Chronic pain can lead to hormonal imbalances and poor immune system function.

    • Chronic pain is well known to trigger an anxiety disorder or depressive disorder.

  • According to the NIH, pain symptoms are cited as the most common reason Americans seek medical attention.​

Legacy Advantage

  • Our dedicated, Board-Certified Pain Management Physicians personally oversee our comprehensive pain management and rehabilitation plans. The physician will collaborate with your community's entire interdisciplinary team, primarily coordinating with the primary care provider to avoid care service overutilization.

  • Our service ensures a reduction in hospital readmissions due to enhanced, on-site Pain Management and Physical Rehabilitation best practices.

  • We provide a precise and early diagnosis of chronic pain generators that is crucial in preventing pain from becoming chronic, finding the right treatment, and relieving its symptoms.

  • Our clinics are warm and welcoming, with conscientiously-designed interiors and friendly staff that puts patients at ease and fosters trust while ensuring good communication between the patient and the doctor. 

  • We avoid duplicate and unnecessary diagnostic tests, which increase costs and delay treatments.

  • Our approach and expertise have been developed over years of industry-leading pharmacological treatment and chemical neuromodulation while avoiding and/or reducing opioid use as much as possible. If there is a need to perform percutaneous techniques or spinal procedures for pain relief, our advanced facilities are perfectly equipped with the latest technology to ensure seamless treatments with successful results.

  • We can perform many common procedures on an outpatient basis, including injections at painful points, injections of botulinum toxin, ultrasound-guided blocks, radiofrequency, neurostimulation, and orthobiologics, with the goal of an immediate return to normal life.

  • Our long-term continuity of care program allows us to keep the pain under control and provide ongoing support after any necessary procedures, allowing the patient to regain their freedom by taking up activities again and returning to work.